Cinema Circus

General Information

Here are some answers to future questions.

Q. So where exactly are these free screenings?
A. Check the news column. We'll keep you updated.
Q. Are all Cinema Circus screenings free?
A. Yes they are.
Q. What about if it's raining cats and dogs at the Outdoor Screenings?
A. The show still goes ahead in light rain. If it's really ugly & windy then we'll quit.
Q. What about seating?
A. We are usually sitting on mother nature. She can be a lumpy lass sometimes so it pays to bring a cushion and/or blanket and warm clothing.
Q. Are there intermissions?
A. Only if the film is more than 3hrs long. Otherwise nope, we are using the latest equipment which can handle entire films without needing a reel change.
Q. What about alcohol?
A. Nearly all events are alcohol free. Some alcohol may be available at certain events. Since we're working with the ARC and other councils on these events we are expecting everyone to behave accordingly. We're here to watch films in gorgeous settings. If you want to get boozed, go to a bar instead please.
Q. What about our rubbish?
A. Please make sure you dump it in the bins nearby or else we'll get kicked out of town for good. We are lucky enough to be using these great parks in the first place so please be clean and green.
Q. Are you guys the folks putting on the Auckland Viaduct Screenings?
A. Are you kidding us? We are OUTDOOR CINEMA purists. Meaning away from noisy bars, etc. We wish them well but we also wish to distance ourselves and what we do from the competition.
Q. Can I hire your mobile cinema for a show on my farm?
A. You sure can - but we ain't cheap.