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Cinema Circus FAQ

What time should the movie begin?

Usually 20 minutes after sunset is perfect timing ? but it's up you.

How far must the projector truck be from the screen?

Totally dependent on the lens we use. We can be anywhere from 100 feet to 300 feet away from the screen. The projector truck is usually in the back of the audience.

How heavy are your screens, will they damage the grass?

The giant AirScreen is 330kg. It will not damage or leave ruts in your grass. If you choose to have the AirScreen standing for a few days, the prolonged exposure to the pressure and the heat from the sun may dry out the grass.

Do you need to drive on our lawn to deliver the equipment?

Yes we need to be able to drive onto the intended area.

How well can your screens handle the wind?

AirScreens can take winds up to 35kmh (when trees start to sway vigorously). We can setup equipment with winds of up to 15kmh. Once the screen is standing, it can handle winds of 35kmh. Beyond 35kmh, our technicians will immediately deflate the screen. The screen can safely deflate in less than 20 seconds. In windy situations, we often shift screen placement so that the screen is parallel to the wind.

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Typical Event Time Line


If the weather looks threatening (imminent rain, rain, looming thunder clouds, dangerous winds capable of damaging equipment) Cinema Circus reserves the right to protect its own equipment by canceling setup/production. Cinema Circus reserves the right to delay setup or to pause the production until suitable weather conditions exist.

Event Liability Insurance

Any accident involving Cinema Circus's equipment or employees to any outside participant(s) is covered by Cinema Circus's event liability insurance coverage. You may request to be additionally insured under our policy at your events.

Setup Procedure

Cinema Circus begins setup at the customer's specified time (typically 4pm). The AirScreen will be setup within one hour. Audio equipment tests begin immediately after the screen is standing, and projection tests begin at dusk. The AirScreen will begin deflating 15 minutes after the end of the movie, unless otherwise specified by customer. After the movie, all equipment will be removed within 1.5 hours.


The remaining 50% of payment (first 50% covered by non-refundable deposit) is due at your event.

If you have questions about our policies, please contact Ant on 021 746 362.

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